Story: Best movies in 2018 based on Comics

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One of the greatest entertainments of all time was and will be a cinema. Let’s see what are the next great comics-universe movies coming in 2018 and even after. During last 20 years, Marvell and DCC Comics created dozens of stunning movies and introduced graphic novel heroes in a new way to a new generation. This content created with Most Powerful Front-end Uploader – Zombify.

Superheroes in real life

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This is a most famous soundtrack to greatest comics filmed in 21st century. 

In this post you can find full information about superheroes, comics universe and about all the superpowers and unusual abilities of the usual "people" which are hidden under the everyday bustle. What is important is that challenges that superheroes facing - that's a result of universe rebalance.

If somewhere you can meet superhero then you will meet supervillain definitely. That's the rule of nature and existence. That's the eternity war of kind and evil powers from the beginning of a time. Graphic novels or the comics the way to tell the story in interesting modern and dramatic way. 

By the way, a drama is an important part of every successful comic book. Drama and love story, behind every hero standing strong or dramatic love story which gives the reader, or in case of comics movies, watchers to empathize the heroes and live the happiness and sadness moments together.

  1. Which Hero has more powers?

Besides the superheroes from graphic novels, our real-life heroes are rescuers and firemen and policemen and doctors. Most people did not think about it in that way. 

Although that is part of their job and they are not looking for fame or to be in glamorous magazines or tv news. That's just what they do and what they bring satisfaction. That professionals are true heroes of this century.

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