1Albert Shephard3,253,624 pt
2Mason Richards1,940,043 pt
3Lara Parker1,826,706 pt
4Jhon Smith1,364,681 pt
5Julia Robbins1,007,659 pt
6Anna J. Taylor514,713 pt
7James M. Clark264 pt
8Tony S. Olson106 pt
9%user_profile_link%3 pt
1Albert Shephard37,014 pt
2Mason Richards22,015 pt
3Lara Parker16,014 pt
4Jhon Smith15,003 pt
5Julia Robbins10,004 pt
6Anna J. Taylor5,004 pt
1Albert Shephard75,076 pt
2Mason Richards44,072 pt
3Lara Parker33,072 pt
4Jhon Smith30,024 pt
5Julia Robbins20,015 pt
6Anna J. Taylor10,008 pt
7James M. Clark3 pt
8Tony S. Olson1 pt
1Albert Shephard679,180 pt
2Mason Richards418,960 pt
3Lara Parker322,975 pt
4Jhon Smith302,378 pt
5Julia Robbins200,278 pt
6Anna J. Taylor97,110 pt
7James M. Clark27 pt
8Tony S. Olson6 pt

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